Which face mask gives the best protection?

Which face mask gives the best protection

Which face mask gives the best protection?

As we know nowadays face masks are used by the people for self-protection as well as prevention of viral infections and many contagious diseases from infectious persons to the normal person. This is the easiest and convenient way of the physical barrier which ultimately provides individual satisfaction to have entered himself in protected mode. And every one of us wonder which face mask gives the best protection.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 has emerged from Dec, there has been an unexpected increase in the use of masks. Along with all other precautionary measures to stop the spread of the virus, such as social or physical distancing and proper hand hygiene, the use of a face mask is also an important contributing factor. In fact, it will not be wrong saying that now in current times, people strictly follow this latter protocol. The reason for its increased use includes easy accessibility, an inexpensive and potentially effective mean of staying safe and protected.

Health authorities including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), has not restricted its use to patients, infected people and health care providers, rather now its recommendation from these agencies to every single individual to wear a mask or do cover face when going out of the house.

So, which type of face mask works best for avoiding transmission of the new coronavirus when you’re out in public? Continue reading to learn more about the different types of masks and which one you should wear. There are many kinds of facial masks all with different capabilities of keeping once away from airborne particles and other small and large droplets. These devices are developed according to different needs and different conditions. So, one should be made the right decision regarding which mask would be better for a healthy individual and should be considered for an infected person.  Here you can briefly go through each type of mask one by one and can easily decide which type choose accordingly.

1. Surgical Face Masks

Which face mask gives the best protection

When we talk about the surgical mask one of its most important benefit is patient and health workers can wear it constantly without facing difficulty in breathing until and unless the patient is going through any severe or chronic pulmonary disorder but it can only provide a shield against large droplets and it is also fluid resistant. This mask is easily available to near medical stores in economical price. Individuals doing jobs and going out on daily basis should prefer wearing this mask. People having respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and other breathing problems are recommended to wear disposable surgical masks, such individuals should keep themself completely away from other masks like respirators otherwise can worsen the condition more.

2. Respirators

Respirators Masks UAE

In contrast, N95 mask can not be used to wear on the regular basis because it can cause difficulty in breathing and it also cause facial staining so also aesthetics problems can happen, but its filtering quality is far for better than surgical masks it can supply safety against rapidly contagious and nano-sized microorganisms. Respirators are designed for individuals having a serious viral or bacterial infection, or any disease which is contagious and can be transmitted via the mouth or airborne nasal droplets.

Health agencies recommend that their use by Health care providers need to be prioritized and protected in order to ensure abundant supply to infected individuals. Due to ongoing pandemic which has infected millions of people around the globe and its continuous increase in numbers has created haphazard conditions compelling the normal individual to wear respirators. Whereas in general there is not needed by a healthy individual doing normal daily activities to wear this specially designed face mask. A surgical mask is enough for the protection along with other protocols being followed such as social distancing and handwashing measures.

3. Reusable Face Masks

Reusable Face Masks UAE

Reusable masks are made of a fabric of different materials.  They may have different combinations of fabrics, layering sequences and available in diverse shapes. Reusable masks are developed conforming to minimum requirements of the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) in terms of filtration, breathability, inhalation, or exhalation resistance. Based on requirements, these masks are recommended to consider for source control (used by infected persons) in community settings and not for prevention.

They can be used ad-hoc for specific activities e.g. on public transport when physical distance cannot be maintained and their use should always be accompanied by frequent hand hygiene and physical distancing. Regarding reusable masks, they should be used when going out for household works, going to shops for groceries as such masks are easy to wash in-home and reused again after washing it properly with water and cloth washing detergents.­

Face Masks Put To Test

Putting all types of face masks to test! Watch it and conclude it yourself!


In a Nutshell – Which Type of Mask Should Be Prioritized!

After a detailed explanation of all types and thoroughly reading the article, you can easily decide which face mask gives the best protection, which mask is made for special conditions and how properly use it. However, we can say that each is manufactured and designed for targeted population. Therefore, we should take care in choosing the best available and this can be done after doing our research and reading up about masks available in the market.

Simple surgical masks are for healthy individuals, for performing daily routine based activities, when going out and when meeting people. Respirators are for patients with air-borne disease, health care providers and those individuals who are in direct contact with patients. Regarding reusable masks, they should be used when going out for household chores or groceries as these masks are easy to wash in-home and reused after washing them properly with water and cloth washing detergents. ­

Other Important Measures Not To Ignore:

It’s also very important to follow other precautionary measures along with using the masks as recommended by health care professionals and health agencies which include social distancing, handwashing, keep hands away from face and eyes, avoid touching masks with bare hands, use of gloves. Proper disposal of the used mask is also very important in preventing spread of infections. Masks and gloves should be properly trashed, followed by proper hand washing or hand sanitizing. By strictly adhering to all these measures, we can ensure maximum protection against transmission of coronavirus and working as a team to reduce the number of new cases in our societies and communities.

Beating this pandemic requires teamwork and each of us need to play our part indigently.

So what is your opinion as to which face mask gives the best protection?

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