Veduta Face Mask Fashion Set – Stylish Face Masks Set For Women

Veduta Face Mask Fashion Set

Veduta Face Mask Fashion Set – Stylish Face Masks Set For Women

I’ve come across this great face mask set (Veduta Face Mask Fashion Set) and I thought I would definitely feature it here on our blog.

The set is the work of a team of designers & artists based in UAE and what they came up with was a great and cute idea.

Basically it is a gift set of 6 items which include:

  1. Good quality stylish face mask
  2. Matching Headband
  3. PM2.5 Filter,
  4. Case bag,
  5. Sanitizer holder and
  6. empty bottle (to refill with your own sanitizing gel)
Veduta Face Mask Fashion Set


Soft, washable high-quality Cotton/Linen fabric has been used for making this face mask that makes masks breathable and protect your skin without any discomfort.

The adjustable elastic ear straps (or ear loops) can keep your face mask snug over your nose and chin preventing you from suffering from an ear pressure.

Veduta Face Mask Fashion Set comes with an Adjustable Nose Clip designed to increase breath space and to block fog for glasses wearers.

Veduta Face Mask Fashion Set

What is really good in terms of protection is that the mask is equipped with 7 layers of protection against particles. The inner layer is 100% cotton, the middle is the 5 layers filter (PM 2.5 Activated Carbon Filter) & outer layer is linen to offer you 99% of filtration from particulates and aerosols.

Suitable for sports workout walking jogging shopping travel or just match it fashionable with your style

The matching case bag to keep your stylish face mask is so cute and stylish itself. Just open it and put your mask inside and protect it from being contaminated through different objects in your bag (your car keys, purse, phone and so on)

Stylish Face Masks Set For Women

Then you have a matching hand sanitizer holder made of elastic neoprene with 30ml bottle which you can easy refill with the sanitizer of your choice.

Stylish Face Masks Set For Women

The keychain that comes with it makes it easy to carry the hand sanitizer bag as can be hanged on your bag, with your keys or in your pocket. You can sanitize your hands anytime it needs.

Stay protected in style with unique embroidery design in different fashionable colors and design.

Writing about anything and everything about face masks!

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