Adidas Face Mask Review 2021. Is It Worth Your Dirham?

Adidas Face Mask Review

Adidas Face Mask Review 2021. Is It Worth Your Dirham?

I have been seeing more and more people wearing face masks with Adidas logo on it recently in UAE. When I first time saw it I thought to myself “Wow, now even Adidas is jumping into face mask business bandwagon”. But now that we feel we will be with Corona for a good while (especially the new variant is emerging and making headlines all of the news) I think it was a wise and lucrative decision. I have searched for some reviews online and decided to put them all together and present this Adidas Face Mask Review post to our valuable readers.

I have broken down this article in the following format:

  1. What Adidas say about their own product i.e. the specification according to their website.
  2. Some of the YouTubers who personally reviewed the Adidas face mace mask
  3. My own opinion about this face mask

Adidas Face Mask Specs

The first thing first, let’s see what they say about their face mask.


Made with soft, breathable fabric the Adidas Face Cover is comfortable, washable and reusable for practising healthy habits every day. This cover is not a medically graded mask nor a Personal Protective Equipment but can help prevent the spread of viruses and germs through droplet transmission.

  • Dimensions: 15.25 cm x 17 cm
  • 93% Recycled polyester / 7% elastane
  • Tight fit for coverage
  • Stretches around ears
  • Two layers of fabric
  • Soft and breathable
  • Washable for daily use
  • Spacer
  • Product code: H08837

Adidas Face Mask Reviews By YouTubers

What are our thoughts?

Perfect Fit: The Adidas Face Mask‘s elasticity makes it fit on anyone’s face like a second skin as soon as you wear it. However, we need to point out that the mask is not at all adjustable and we found this caused the mask to pull at our ears quite a bit, which can cause a little discomfort with prolonged wear. There is also no adjustable bridge, so air can rise up to your eyes and glasses.

Adidas Face Mask UAE Dubai

Light & Breathable: The Adidas Face Mask’s double layers and polyester-based construction make the mask the lightest and most breathable mask of the lot – as compared to the disposable surgical face masks that are sold at pharmacies.

Aesthetic: Because of how snug the mask is, it tends to accentuate prominent features on the face. The Adidas face mask looks much better on individuals with angular or sharp facial features.

Comfortability: The fabric used on this face mask feels so comfortable to the skin of your face and causes no skin irritation. But with prolonged use, its face-hugging construction can be a strain on your ears.

Conclusion: The Adidas face mask is a great mask for your daily use as well as for a workout. It makes you look cool and trendy. Its soft but snug construction means it will stay in place.

Retail price: Around 69.00 AED (Pack of 3)

Where to buy:  you can easily order it from Amazon UAE .

So how did you find our Adidas Face Mask Review above? If you bought this face mask please share your own personal experience with us below in the comments section.

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